First Week

College… WOW never thought i’d make it here so quickly. Time sure goes by fast.

Well the first week is already over and I just decided I’d write a blog about my experiences throughout, hope i stick to it!.

Well I’m taking 4 classes this semester (Fitness and Wellness, College Algebra, English Composition, and Psychology). 

My professors are all enjoyable so far. I’ll tell you how i feel about each as of now.

Fitness and wellness. I think he might fight or something not quite sure. The first day of class he had a black eye and tried to cover it up with makeup but failed. Easy to understand and not too much work.

English Composition. Like this class a lot so far the teacher seems pretty funny and he wears glasses similar to Harry Potters. Note: I hate writing, reading, or anything related to English for that matter. Something about him makes me want to learn though. He is always cracking jokes and seems like he has done about everything job wise. Agriculture-Psychology.

College Algebra. This teacher is alright, she keeps talking to us about why we should take math which doesn’t make too much sense. Obviously i already wanted to take math or i wouldn’t have paid for the class. I love math but this teacher makes me dislike it a bit already; gets boring very quick. Probably since i already know the content she is teaching.

Psychology. This class seems interesting still uncertain about it but the teacher is a funny guy and keeps it positive the whole time. He sucks you into his lectures and make you want to continue learning after the class is over. Have high hopes for what i’ll learn from him.



About collegestruggles

Recently graduated High School and attending Community College.

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