Tuesday, 2nd week

   Started off at 8am with College Algebra.Got to class and waited 10minutes for the teacher to get there. Whole time I was hoping she wouldn’t come so I wouldn’t have to endure her 2 hour lectures.After 20 minutes of taking notes over functions I got tired of writing stuff I already knew so i continued to doodle the rest of class.No homework assigned yet (:

   English came right after algebra. Had a quiz over the textbook we just bought ‘Way’s of Reading’. Woops didn’t realize we had to open it and start reading yet as some didn’t even have the book yet.Quiz was luckily common sense and he asked questions like ‘What is your favorite color’. Looks like he was just messing with us; what a cruel joke.

Went home, got food, and relaxed for an hour until i had to go back for Psychology.

Teacher made it interesting the whole time. Went over a power point of how people have researched human behavior and what area of the brain are used for what. He asked everyone questions about related things keeping us all engaged in the lecture.


Got Fitness class tomorrow for an hour shouldn’t be too hard. Will hope to remember to keep all of you posted.



About collegestruggles

Recently graduated High School and attending Community College.

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